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District:Place Keym (South-East)

Spring PROMO & All services included from 01/01/2016 until 31/12/2016

Cuisine a nv1

Hotel Communal


District:Place Colignon (North)

PROMO - 15% from 01/06 to 31/08 from 31/05/2016 until 31/08/2016


A casa di Sara


District:Meiser/RTBF (East)

-10% Promo du 01/08 au 30/09 from 01/08/2016 until 30/09/2016

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Certified Agency

French Lessons?

Brussels Destination ( BDLF) is a partner of the French Alliance
for over 10 years for the organization of programs
French immersion . Associate housing courses ( intensive /
semi - intensive / PPV /...) is the best way to
learn French while discovering the Capital of Europe and its

The internationally renowned French Alliance is located in the heart
European Quarter.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced , each candidate will find a module
adapted to his knowledge . The teachers have specific training
the teaching of French as a foreign language .

Hope to see you in Brussels to learn French !

To obtain a quote or book one of the following formulas :
complete the "Work". We will get back to you -Dean

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